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    100% original italian quality

30 Years

successful work

Our products are certified 100% made in Italy

100% original italian quality

Our history

MP Collections s.r.l. is present in the upholstery furniture business
(sofa and armchairs) since 30 years ago.
It was founded in the 1980 from different art craft experiences specialized in the upholstery furniture: a traditional activity of our territory of origin.

Mario Pepi


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MP COLLECTION SRL Bando "Aiuti alle micro, piccole e medie imprese (MPMI) per l'internazionalizzazione" Operazione CUP 6684.31122014.082000111 denominata “TUSCAN'S ECCELLENSES” MP COLLECTION SRL Project co-financed under Tuscany Por Fesr 2014-2020 CUP 6684.31122014.082000111 known as “TUSCAN'S ECCELLENSES”

Our products are certified
100% made in Italy

contact us

  • Loc. Bellavista, 26 - Z.I. Pian dei Peschi, ing. 3 45/2
    53036 Poggibonsi, (Siena)-Italy
  • Phone
    +39 (0577) 979172
    +39 (335) 399 625

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